BSK Bahía San Kristobal

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Who we are

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Bahía San Kristobal

The strenght of the experience

Bahia San Kristobal is a medium sized, diversified construction and industrial company, with interests in different sectors. Composed of a multidisciplinary team, they base their growth strategy on the experience of their team, in the creativity and search for solutions through this experience and lateral thinking, the incorporation of innovation to each of its processes, and lastly, geographic diversity of markets.

With a presence in more than 8 different continents, they develop their business activity under the promise of contributing to the economic and social development of the communities in which they operate. BSK has a firm commitment both to human resources and to technological innovations, following a policy clearly inspired by efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability.

We are backed by over 40 years executing and developing, with success, construction projects, specifically civil works such us comprehensive urbanizations, railways, roads, industrial constructions, restorations, earthworks of great significance, hydraulic works, maritime works and exploitation of quarries.

Our mission is to be leaders in the creation, promotion and management of infrastructures and services; actively contributing to social well-being, to sustainable development and to generating value to our interest groups.

Our vision is to achieve sustainable development in all our areas of activity, so that present and future generations enjoy a better quality of life.


Innovate, learn, apply and improve, this is our lifeblood


Civil works, Infrastructures, Promotions, Engineering...

Welcome to the new era of construction

The evolution of technology, the actual economic situation, the environmental needs and the growing world population, have spurred the construction industry to modify it procedures and materials with the aim of improving the quality of its services and products and, thus, creating a new era of construction.

Nothing will be as before.

– Magali Roldan –